Just an epic love story #19

if you could look inside of me baby

then you will know how much I feel

if you could look inside of me baby

then you will know what true love means

I never meant to hurt you

I never meant to make you cry

this I what i feel

I love you to eternity


Real talk #5

Challenges can be frustrating, discouraging and annoying yet it is a road path through our reward. Every great reward will come with a great price to pay. Most often we would rather not pay the price and jump to getting the reward. In a fight for a heavy weight title, one has to face his great challenge which is his opponent. You can’t get that title until you pass through that fight and overcome your challenge/obstacle. Why can’t we see life as such? Why do we always crave for easy paths and quick ways, short cuts just to avert obstacles? It only depends how you see life, but obstacles or challenges have two sides of it. The first 1646321250-face-challenges-picture-quoteside is what we easily see, that is the side that shows itself flamboyantly with contents such as discouragement, fear, problem, complexity, obstacles, and frustrations. All these are what we see easily but that tells what kind of person you are. An optimist or pessimist. Behind every challenge, in fact the reason for every challenge is the reward you receive when you overcome. You become stronger and fit to face greater challenges. If you desperately want that reward then be ready to face that challenge. Welcome the challenge and let it remind you that your reward is close at hand. In a bible in the Old Testament, King Saul ran away from his challenge; that challenge was facing the giant Goliath. All the Israelite went to hiding but it didn’t take Continue reading

Real talk #4

Today on real talk I  want to share a story that has taught about  faith, hope , persistence and patience. I often times call my self a giant bamboo tree. I came across the characteristics of this tree on line and i want to share it in my own story line.

Once upon a time there lived an old man with his grand child in a far away land. This man had an intention to plant a particular specie of a bamboo tree. This old farmer has a grand child living with him. Known to the old farmer is the peculiar characteristics of this unique seed he is about to plant. Every day the old farmer goes out to water the ground where he had planted the seeds some weeks ago. His grand child was very observant and to his greatest surprise he noticed his grand father watering that same soil for the past 8 months with out any sprout of life. He asked himself, why does grand pa keep watering 33957a19e10edb2aa8d5ca6b5f141b8cthe earth. It is past one year and the watering ritual continue and still there was no sprout from the ground. This activity was becoming a concern for the little lard. The little boy got discourage because he didn’t seem to understand what his grand pa is doing any longer. But the old man continue to water the soil, fertilize it. Third year pass there was no visible activity and no growth above the soil, so did the forth year pass too yet he kept on investing his time and resources on that portion he planted the seed some years ago. Something happened on the fifth year year, a miracle, visible sprouts of leaves began to appear above the ground and in six weeks the tree grew as tall as 80 feet long. Incredible! the young lard now grown up was astounded. He now understood why his father had been patient and consistent in watering and caring for the soil. images

When you analyse the story carefully you will realize that it seems as though there was nothing happening physically or outwardly above the soil but a huge investment was being made and a long process of building up stamina below the earth was been made to be able to support the height and fast growth of the tree out ward. It had a mixture of patience and consistency in investing in the right thing just to see a desired future. For the bamboo tree it took 6 years to show forth the great future.

The farmer, always investing time and resources in the present just because he had a picture of the the tree he wants to grow.

What have you invested in your life today that will amount to greatness in future?

It is paramount we seek to find this answer. If you have invested nothing then know that you have sowed a seed already into the future and sorry to say this, you will have a disappointing future. If you fold your hands today and watch people sow in tears and you do nothing, in the physical it seems like no harm done but in the spiritual you have sowed a seed of poverty which you will eventually reap. We hold our destiny and your decision leads you to the path.

I leave you with questions to answer for your self and remember that your future is the sum total of all the decisions made today. God bless you. with love Timothy Shunnom Friday



Real talk #3

Today on real talk I want to share a bit of my recent findings.

I was so fascinated learning to know more about the body. Some of us move our legs from point A to B and care less in knowing the mechanism that powers the ability for the legs to move. So also we live in a body we care less about its health. We remember to take care of it only when we break down. Earlier I was doing some research about the brain. You won believe what I found out.

Do you know that the brain is the most vital organ of the human body and our most valuable asset? Yes it is because it is the center of intelligence, coordination, speech, creativity. It is an interface between the spiritual and physical realm (The mind).

Do you know that no man on earth has used up to 10% of their brain capacity? Shocking to know that the highest percentage used is about 2%

Do you know that the human brain has the left hand hemisphere and right hand hemisphere? The Left hand hemisphere is analytical and functions in a sequential and logical fashion and is the side which controls language, academic studies and rationality. The Right hand side is the creative and intuitive hemisphere. Continue reading

Real talk #2

Starting this topic yesterday gave me great pleasure knowing that it contains practical steps to building up a person. I encourage every one that reads this to drop a message that will inspire another to become a better person. Thank you for the comments and likes. It is a journey into personal development and by the time we are done you will be glad you joined the train.

Today on real talk I want us to be naked in heart and be true to our selves and let us try to answer these questions. Who am I?, what is my purpose on earth?, what are my talents? what are my potentials? if you cant find answers to these, then you have to go into a deep search for them or you will just end up existing without any meaningful contribution to the cosmos.

Man will sin against God and humanity if he fails to do business with his difference. what do I mean by difference?. Your uniqueness is your difference. God created us different for a reason. He didn’t make identical twins same in gift and abilities. Every human being is different and that is what makes us unique. Your difference is what makes you who you are. If you know who you are , you will then realize that you have a solution others don’t. If you refuse to trade with your difference (talent, ability,calling) you will rob the earth the purpose for your creation.

Humanity is a creation of massive network. Everyone a productive link to the network chain process.


  • knowing who you are should be the first question of every man. That is if you want to be a positive energy to this network.
  • finding what you are wired for will help you to know what to do to become productive.  In it you will find passion and immense energy
  • you will find grace, favor , creativity in your niche when you enter into purpose

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to drop a comment that will add content to this article. someone may just be waiting for the write words. let us make the world a better place altogether.

Real Talk

Today I just felt like connecting to someone out there. I  just want to reach out to someone in positive conversation. I have some great mentors but will mention one who has a been a great influence on Personal development John C.Maxwell. The truth about life is that we will never attain a full expression of our talent or gift without taking the pains and steps to develop what so ever we feel we have got inside. We all have something inside to give to the world. But no body wants a stone, they want diamonds, no body wants crude oil, they want petrol/gas, no one cares much about some flour on a the table , they want small chops/snacks. All these beautiful end product we all desire went through what is called a Process.

If I look back from where I started to where I am now this is what I have to say

” I am not a better writer, I am just someone who wakes up every morning write some more, learn and re-learn and task my self and my inner creativity. I learn to crawl, stand ,walk…This i do continuously”

Characteristic of Process.

  • Stages: Every process is broken down into stages. When you are in a process it is paramount you know all the stages involved to becoming the outcome you desire. For instance making a bread.


Image credit: Allied bakeries

If you skip a process, you wont get any desired result and also if you stop at any stage , you wont be making bread after all.

Tips: Do not jump the fire.

The mixing stage will crush, the fire stage is will burn, just make sure you do not skip the fire process. There is no process that comes easy, it will crush you, it will hurt you and can be painful.

Now you know very well that to come out beautiful you need to develop your process and it isn’t going to be a days job. It is going to be a process. So the next big question will be when do I start? I will say why not start now. To get more on why you should start now I will recommend you read “Start From Now” .

To get the best out of your self this year, you will have to be discipline. Only by self discipline can you achieve the desired progress you aspire in your self development journey.

Thank you for your time. Please drop a comment that can help me or any one out there.