Just an epic love story #15

I see u
U see me
Our heart’s knit intertwined
In this romance

I behold u
In this sea of never ending waters

With this heart I proclaim
With this lips I will say
Those words that transcend
Through the veins of eternity

I Love You.


12 Raw portraits: the naked truth

There is beauty in all things if only you could see through the eyes of your heart. the flaws with our two eyes is that they only appreciate aesthetic views and neglect a whole world of beauty in the abstract world.What is more beautiful is hidden within. You have to search for it with deeper meaning before you can appreciate how beautiful they are. I see beautiful every where , I see beautiful all the way, I see beautiful everyday, because the whole of humanity surrounds itself in beauty. I find the writing of Myra awesome and deep so I like to share with you all.you can also read Beautiful inside out… and When the wrinkle cover

please kindly drop a comment. What is beautiful to you?

Just an epic love story #14

Living without you
is like floating out in space
With no gravity
Just wandering

Living without you
Is like Trying to live my life
With no air to breath
No oxygen

I don’t wanna be a merry go round
Turning cycles with no direction
Running so fast all the time
Yet ending up where I started

There is no me without you
I am nothing without you
There is no I without you
Cos you are my life support

Crawling Night…

Love has taken a tea break.
Light is on a short vacation.
Darkness is acting presidente.
When evil lust flush through veins.

Slowly time fades into the thickness of the crawling night.
Horror playing mind games.
Every sound becoming creepy.
Playing the walking dead
With Imaginations giving role plays

Admist all the drama we have a gift
the silence and peace
Serenity and romantic atmosphere
Set by the beauty of the stars ,moon and sky of the crawling night.
Ushers us into a new day

You Will Never Know…

You will never know how far you can go until you start.
You will never know who will demand what you got until you let it out.
You will never know how good you can be until you give it a try.
You never know you would come this far but now you are here.

For more on Coquering Fear read To My Fellow Introverts: The Fear of Fearing

I have learnt a lot since I decided to stop criticising my writings and allow others do it for me. I just enjoy what I do now.


Keep doing your passion until some day people who don’t believe in you will say “I know he got it in there, I know he will be great


I can’t believe that today I have a 100 post and still anxious to post another. Keep writing, keep sharing, someone out there may just be waiting for your medicine.

Just an epic love story #13

She is living in another world
Yet we see her right here
All clouded with this fairy tale
Like Disney world is right here

So tell me how how can we all compromise
So tell me how how can we reach a stand righ here

Stagnated in a place right now
Where do we go from here
If we live in a different world
How then can we understand

Gratitude #2

I want to thank you all for making this journey worthwhile. I got to this point because of you and so I want to share this moment with you all. Your patience, encouragement and generous likes and comment kept me going.

Secondly I also have another achievement to celebrate today. Thank you for making this happen. I started blogging with no experience and today I have a 100 followers. Thank you all. To someone starting today don’t be discouraged, keep doing your passion, we all have to start from a small point. Growth is a process. Do not skip the process that will make you because it is always undignified at every beginning.