Just an epic love story #12

What if I was a lioness
Will you spit on my face and walk away?
What if I was a porcupine
Will you handle me with no care?
What if I was a vernomous viper
Will you pick me up with no caution?
What if I was a golden eel with diamond eyes
Will you just allow me slip away?
What if I was a window glass 
Will you allow me crash on your bare feet?
What if I was a concrete wall 
Will you hit me so hard with your fist?
Yet you do all these to me cos I am frail

Yes I am soft and tender
I am human
Yes my heart is a fortress for your soul
Blood flows through my veins
Yes I can be weaker in strength 
But I am strong in will
Yes I am an oasis of love
I am passionate for what I believe in
Yes I know how to wait patiently for you
I am born to carry you through life
I am a lover
I am a female
I am she
I am  your woman
I am your mother
I am a nation


Just an epic love story #11

Just like a fallen leave from its source.
I lost your affection for a while.
I miss your warmth.
The life and fire you bring to me.

What if I say I want your love badly.
What if I say you are all I desire.
What if I say my heart still longs for you.
Will you come back to me?
Will you look past our flaws and give us another chance?
Why can’t we get past our pride and difference that has got the most part of us.

I see your smile.
I feel your touch.
I reminisce the passion that bonded us together.
I never had the strength to stop loving you.
Your place in my heart Is left vaccant and only memories of the lovely moments we shared lingers.

Why can’t we fight through this time.
Why can’t we push harder to be free from this night mare.
Why do we have to wait this long to be happy.
Why do we have to torment ourselves all this while.
Love me back and I will embrace you never letting go.

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She is a little girl
She is a little girl
But grown up
At the age of 9 she starts hawking and fending for her family
At the age of 11 she starts playing with the big boys in the neighborhood
At the age of 13 she is send off to the streets
She is a little girl
She is a little girl
But grown up
Wrapped in this cold cold world
Where love has taken a break
Weak and fragile yet pushed to harsh extreme of the negativity we see around
She gets what she desires only when she trades her will
Harassed and abused
She has to survive
At 18 she has loads of story full of her experience about a grown up life she just attained today.
She is probably married with 2 kids and no education
Or sold in a slave market
Or trading her will for money in a foreign country
Or abused constantly by someone who should protect
She is our future
She carries a generation inside of her
She deserves to be free
She deserves to live
She deserves an education
She deserves a meaningful life
She deserves protection
Cos She is just a little girl
Let her enjoy the experience of childhood
Let her grow up
She is just a little girl

Hi dear reader, I am passionate about writing S.H.E and I am fulfilled to have done so. This piece is trying to express what happens daily in my neighborhood and in almost all Africa.  Please feel free to share or drop a comment behind if  you can relate to S.H.E. I will also recommend you read What if I was Africa

Just an epic love story #10

Good bye never comes
I have been waiting for you
I have been waiting for you to show up
I have been waiting for far too long
I am done waiting
You left last summer
You never said good bye
Took my heart ,
Played it for a fool
I am done playing your games when
Good bye never comes
Good bye never comes
I now live my life for me
Cos forever you are gone

Just an epic love story #8

“Just like yesterday
That I saw your face
Was beautiful like roses
You are gone a way
Without leaving a word
You are fade away.
You are gone away to stay
In a place where I can’t be today
Till we meet again
In heavens gate
This is all I will say.
I miss you so
I miss you so daddy.”

Lisa watched her father lying in the casket during the funeral service. She couldn’t hold her tears this time around as she sobs loudly.

“Darkness covers my path today

Sorry fill my soul to make me despair

I see visions of you when I close my eyes

Your gorgeous smile like the rainbow

Memories of moments we shared clouds my deep senses

In a moment I feel you are right here but its just an illusion in my heart”

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Just an epic love story #7

And Monalisa the godmother said to Jane as she tormented herself over a broken heart,
“Oh little princess
We are all fashioned with difference. Only the wise and gifted will appreciate difference.
Someday you will find a man who will love your imperfections and call you perfect.” Come here baby. She opened her arms wide as Jane ran into her warm embrace…

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Heaven kiss earth…

There is a love that came down
A love that gave it all for me
A love on the cross of Calvary
That bled it all for me

At the cross
At the cross
Where death gave birth to life
At the cross
Oh At the cross
is where you found me

Mercy turned to grace
The veil that separates was torn apart
You close the gap for us
Now we behold you as you are

In the splendor of your majesty.

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