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Beautiful inside out…

The memory of a beautiful face lies beneath the grave

But the world of a beautiful heart lives for generations to come

The memory of a beautiful face fades in the twinkling of an eye

For all men care, the beautiful ones are yet unborn

But a beautiful heart will stand the test of time

For all men know there has never been any being as this

A beautiful face is as the flower that blossom and withers

But a beautiful heart is always remembered with tears of joy never forgotten but remain in the memory of men.

to my sweet heart…

She went through pain to bring me out

After the anguish a giant was born

From great storms firm she held never letting go

I was weak yet she said a king was born

She took the shame so I can have a glory end

She could beg around for all she cared 

I won’t wake up with a rumbling stomach

How can I understand a love like this

For all my life this I will brood upon.

“All my life I will give to you” she said,

How can I understand a love like this

For all my life I will brood over this

In God she trust for me to survive

Her tender love kept a scare on me

So she made a better man

This is how my story ends

For all my life I will brood on this

What will I have done without a loving mom.

With love Timothy Shunnom Friday.

Just an epic love story #5

They were wild fire
was love at first sight
caught up in this web of ecstasy
consumed by passion
that burns every sense of soundness
thick clouds cover with blurry visions
giving rise to gross insanity
destructive by the obsession in there heart
She said ” my love will cease only when the sun fails to rise at dawn”
He said “my heart belongs to you”

Who can save us from the innocence of our youths?
Who will put senses to our naivety?
Love has stung me with its poisonous fang 
The very word that gave me life now crushes my bones leaving me desolate
I wished this day was never born 
I wished the sun never rose at dawn

she came to me with these words 
“I have another guy in my life and my family are anticipating our marriage. I am sorry what we share will never lead to a happily ever after marriage”

Left heart broken and despair
Yet he was happy for her
Somethings we do for love.

Feel free to share what you have done for love.

Just an epic love story #4

I have waited for this day
I have been patient enough
So many times it seems far from reach
Today is a myth 
but I can’t deny the proof 
Having you by my side

my heart glows at the thought of you
something about your laugh
As though a baby with no care
Can pay all I have to see you laugh a big one
Mysterious I will say how we came to be
Magical the scenery I see.

Just an epic love story #3

How long will I conceal the passion that burns inside
My love for you have finally broken my walls 
my heart can’t stay caged any more.
I have given a thousand reasons every morning not to say how I feel
But today I am betrayed cos my cage has lost its grip.

Love of my dreams
Love of my youths
You have awaken my love
You beautiful one
O how I wish all story is a fairy tale
Then I will be your prince charming
and you my princess
We will live happily ever after.

You have found a spot in my heart
I don’t know how to get it cleaned up
Will your heart ever beat for mine?
I will never grow tired of loving you
for I will love you as days goes by
I don’t know any other way out.

Just an epic love story#2

She caught him stealing glances

her heart skips when they made eye contact

Smiling right back at her she became suspicious

wanting to know what was going on in his mind

She thought the feeling was mutual

but then she realised

he only cares as a friend

he was entangled in the web of another woman

3quotes 3days challenge #day 3

I want to thank JGomez once more for nominating me for this challenge.It has been an awesome experience. Today is my final day and I will like to share some African proverbs.

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Just an Epic Love Story….

For the first time I set my eyes on her I couldn’t take them off…

From a distance I stole as much glances as I could…

Yet I couldn’t explain what made me attracted to her…

But I must confess she has the most amazing smile I have ever come across..

So charming and lovely…

Fate brought us together

Fate brought us close

I know I wanted her but I am in love with another…