Personal development #1

We all have potentials, an innate ability.Only when we get intentional about developing our potentials we will never attain excellence.Your abilities are always in a crude nature. They will always need refining to bring out the best.Only until they are developed to full capacity we can never be at our best.

Be deliberate about life.
Be intentional about personal development.
God bless you…


Inspirational Series #1

In the journey of destiny. Many will want to stop you unconsciously or consciously. They will want to sell you their scrap such as words of discouragement, mockery, unbelief in your dreams. Don’t stop, don’t buy it, just forge ahead. 

Ways to keep the Passion Driving:

1. Learn to motivate yourself : 

You are the only one who saw the dream that means there will be times when no one will be there for you or believe in you. At such moment you will have to believe in your self and remember the the glory of the dream. 

2. Associate yourself with positive minded people: 

People with positive energy. Avoid negative minded people, people that nettle you and sees nothing good in you.

3. Read inspirational stories that can inspire you to continue to pursue your dream. Testimonies are there to give us hope.

I find this points helpful. I hope they serve same purpose to you too. Keep dreaming and working towards its actualization.

What if I was Africa

What if I was Africa
Colonized and ruled 
By the race I am suppose to love

What if I was Africa
Still battling with the identity of who I am
Messed up with this idealistic concept
Of what I am meant to be

What if I was Africa
My children crying, hungry, dying, jobless, fighting one
another as many found in refugee camps

What if I was Africa
Enslaved twice by what is suppose to illuminate my
Now engrossed darkness I find myself.

What if I was Africa 
Freed by the bondage of physical chains
To a civilized enchantment of mental and economic slavery

Like you and I, I will like to ask
Who then taught my hands to war?
Who then devised the weapon of my warfare?
Who gave me these genocidal toys that make my home desolate?
Who taught my heart to be corrupt?
Who taught my children to be selfish?
Who taught my hands how to sell one another?

What if I was Africa
My earth explored for riches untold
While my biosphere left to die
With everyone left in penury

What if I was Africa
What if I was that which I am fighting for? 
What if you were in my shoes?
What if you were my children?

Desire #2 (A poetry to my Love)

My beautiful damsel

Angel of my life

My Angelina

Always my sugar crush

Pretty woman

Astonishing beauty

Glowing like the morning sun

O how I long to behold your face every moment.

How desperate I long to be with you always.

How eager I desire to hold your hands in the distance.

The passion that’s burns deep within, Makes the pace of my heart beat skips  fast when I come close to you.

Joy that overwhelm my heart radiates from within when I hear your voice.

I dont know how to be without you.

You complete me.

I love you baby gal.