Who is the king of Glory ?

Glitters glitters,
The glory of the stars.

Beautiful colours,
The glory of the rainbow.

Awesome brightness,
The glory of the moon.

Outstanding radiance,
The glory of the sun.

All encompass
Nothing compared to the glory of the King.

Who is the King of Glory?
He is the Lord of lords
The creator of the sun, moon, stars and universe
The great and mighty God
At His presence the mountain skip like lambs
At his presence the red sea gave path
The earth is his foot stool
He is Light.



My heart I have come to give
Your company my soul delights
To love,
I will do all day
Till I see no dawn again

Passion ignites within
To light up the life in me
Darkness has gone to sleep
Awaken by your love within

Roses blooms all day
Sun shines my heart today
Merry the butter fly away
All the way I will love you dear.

Who man is….

It is a misconception that a lot of people pay more priority to the physical ( all they can see with their eyes) than spiritual things.
Everything we see today came to being from a pre existed spiritual form call an IDEA.

An idea in the mind but in future a substance tangible you can hold, feel or see.

Tracing your path to spirituality is trying to learn to live and not just to merely exist

  • Man is first of all a spirit
  • He has a soul ( seat of intelligence, emotions and will)
  • Lives in a body

It will be erroneous if all you think or care about is the body.
Your body is not you, it is just a carrier of a personality which is you.

Until you grasp the concept and reality of who man is, you will never leave the shallowness of your carnal thoughts ( where all you think about is the world you can see, touch and feel.

In real essence the depth of life is found in a spiritual journey.


Healing for the soul or body starts from our ability to forgive ourselves and others.
Bitterness and hatred is poisonous to the heart of man. A sick spirit will result to a sick soul and eventually leads to a sick body.

“The act of forgiveness is a spiritual therapy for wholeness.”

Learn to release people who offend you easily from your heart.
Unforgiveness makes you sad and you loose your peace and livability. In most instances you lose your health and sanity.

I am Abused… I am violated

This has been the slogan chanted for about a year ago all around the world in a quest for response to the abduction of the Nigerian chibok girls snatched away forcefully by the militant group Boko Harram. Their childhood was taken away from them without their consent. They were innocent, now a victim of this wicked world they find them self in. As the western world stand in solidarity with Nigeria, these girls have lost their identity and taken a new personality forcefully. The parents of these girls are left without any hope of seeing their baby. These girls are abused daily and most of them married off and pregnant. They have lost their life though still breathing.

I feel the pain of the chibok disappearance. Nevertheless I want to bring the attention of the world to a far greater evil that happens daily in my cultural community Nigeria. Sort of evil we dear not talk about. We see it every day but seems nothing is done about it. My question is this;
Who will save the abused girls ?
Who will save the raped girls ?
Who will save the molested children both male and female?
Who will give the women a voice?
The abuse, rape and molestation of women and children go on daily in this cultural society.
We live in a world where the victim can’t say a word about the act. They bare it in thier heart until it breaks them apart while enduring the abuse and hurt. It is shameful and embarrassing to talk about and so the victim live with the hurt all alone. The society talkless about sex and gives no room for sensitization and protection of women from abuses.
Who will save the women ?
Who will save my society from this degradation , abuse and insecurity to humanity?

What have you turned out to be?

We all have lived on earth and have passed through certain processes and seasons. So many can only recall of a terrible experience, an experience that drawn them deep down into a dark tunnel where they got stuck never to come out.

What did you do with your experience?

Good or bad experience in life will cost us something. No

matter what experience you go through, there is always a

lesson to learn from it. The lesson is more important than

the hurt or the gain. 

Why remain in the darkness that weigh you down?

Most of us whose life experiences is full of hurt , abuse and hurt fail to see the beautiful gift given to us as survivors of such incident. We rather continue to wallow in the pains and hurt of the past every new day.


Life can look difficult most times
The thought of a set back and defeat will most times cloud our minds. Sooner or later we forget the beauty in life it self. It doesn’t matter what you go through. Life is a gift don’t take that for granted.What you do with it matters. Wake up every morning with gratitude and say to your self “life is a gift”. Today is always a new day, new hopes, new expectation, new decision to make. Use it wisely.

Why do people die without attaining their full potential?

We fail to ask certain question and that is why we don’t get answers. Right questions will give you answers that will open you up to the next level you need to be in life.

Too early we die without exploring the gifts ,abilities and successes that lay hidden within us. Our thoughts ideas and possibilities are not used.-Myles Monroe

Every man was birthed with a divine gift and ability, something that comes easily and opens up a world of creativity of which the world has never seen. But most people will die without tapping into these abilities.
People die without tapping or attaining full potential because they refuse to use it.

“What you don’t use , you loose it”

In the process of using what you have, you develop it to its full potential. If you use your muscle you end up getting a developed biceps.

People who die without achieving their full potential rob their generation of their latent ability- Myles Monroe

Before now, I had an idea to write but I lacked the courage to bring it out. I am happy and glad today that someone is reading what was once an idea. Together we can make the world a better place if only we can release our latent ability inside us.

“To die with ability in tapped is irresponsible. There is always something in you that we haven’t yet seen. Release your ability before you die”


I find much meaning in this…


You are a chef in this world. People don’t need to know whether you were graduated from Cambridge or Oxford. They don’t care whether you are dressed in a tuxedo or tshirt. Serve them with the delicious and mouth watering food. Quench their thirst. Make them happy. That’s the only thing you have to do. ☺


Ram Sai Nag

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real thinz

We will never remain like this forever; after all we were never always this before

Change is constant so embrace it; life is full of experiences you can’t deny this reality

Patience is a virtue so i hear,

So wise up, sell off all your anxiety and buy some more of it because you will never get enough of being a little patient.

There is always a time and season for everything under the sun.

Finally, God answers prayers and His thoughts towards us are of good and not of evil to give us an expected end.- Jeremiah 29:11