Now I Receive So I Give

Is there anything you have that you didn’t receive?

Your parents brought you forth from a sperm and egg, now a personality exist. You received the breast milk that fortified your immune system and gave you you strength and vitality. You are indebted to the universe for the rest of your life.

Greed is not the master plan of the creator and that is why he planned the universe to respond to the law of giving.

When a man sees no reason to give out then he looses the essence of what has kept him alive all the while

The plants gives out oxygen to support mankind’s existence and the animals give out carbon-dioxide to support the plant kingdom. when either of them with-hold what they have then sooner or later both of them will go into extinction. O! how beautiful the law of giving is. When you give , you in turn sustain your self because it will eventually turn around. If you kill, you are indirectly killing yourself. Mankind is facing a catastrophic global warming partly because we suffocate the plant kingdom in quest of our greedy ambition, in turn mankind is killing himself with the diverse effects from the climatic change. Scientist couldn’t reverse this with any chemical formulation except to find a way to bring the natural harmony that exist between  the plant and animal kingdom.

If you can think well you will that you owe the universe a lot, so find a way to give back.

You can give anything you have. you time, wealth, intellect,experience and talent to contribute and make the world a better place.


You may not be able to touch the whole world at once but you can start with one person. You can start with your spouse (love her/him the way you love yourself, give without reservation) , family and neighbor. If everyone does this we all would have changed the world all at once.

The greatest commandment is Love (love for God and man). Love your neighbor as your self-Matt 22:37-40

The proof of love shows in our ability to give all we can to see a smile on another’s face

Giving is a proof that you have conquered greed- mike murdock


I Write…

The scent of a fresh paper inspires me.

I just can’t wait to fill it up with the color of my ink.

Black, red, blue or green all the same,  

It doesn’t matter

The strokes on it will tell the story after all.

How wonderful and powerful the strokes and dots from the hands of a ready writer. 

It can describe everything the eyes can see and all the mind can conceive; into a written language men can understand.


Oh! Wretched soul

Oh! wretched soul

Why have thou turned thy self unto the paths of destruction?

Why have thou turned thy heart from the love of God to the love of flesh?

Why have thou gone thy own way only to listen to your mind as though you don’t have the indwelling of the Spirit of God in you?

Why do you live your life just like every other free thinker, moralist or atheist as though there is no God?

Why have thou distant thyself from the fear of God in thy heart?

Why have thou soon forgotten the mighty act and majesty of God to fear and tremble before him?

Why have thou gone pompous in thy heart to believe that you can do all things by the strength of thy hands?

That’s the despicable me

Like the song writer will say “I have finally come to the end of myself”

An assessment of my account lately shows clearly I had no reasonable accomplishment

It was all a loss situation

Bad decisions, bad steps, bad actions and eventually bad results…

Oh wretched soul

When will thou turn from thy evil ways?

When will thou reverence God in thy thoughts and ways?

When will thou allow God to be the master of thy soul and body?

My little Obsession (part 1)

At a point in time, I was obsessed with something I can’t grasp

An emotion that got the best of me I couldn’t control

I would be like “memory full” if I were to be a storage device

Because all I think of is her

Every little space is preoccupied with her images, laugh/smiles, and voice

My mind is no longer in grip of itself

She is my sanity and insanity

 It is a mixed feeling, though I love the feel

Everything is all about her.

She invaded my thoughts pattern; all I could envision is this beautiful damsel from the outside with no concrete reason to why I stick to her as glue

She is my obsession

She is my drug

She was suddenly becoming something like “I can’t do without you” or “I can’t live this life without you”

A substitution equation

Taking the place of God yet not God

But an Idol I had set before my eyes…

Of which I worship and adore in my new form of religion

She was my obsession

She was my opium

It was a mix feeling

Though I loved the feeling

Broken in love

Once upon a time, a beautiful damsel fell in love with a charming prince. He was what she ever wanted, he was life to her. Someday his heart became distant from her; she felt it and it broke her heart to know that he has turned cold on her. Broken, despaired and torn apart yet all she felt for him is a never ending love. Shed some tears yet she smiles because he became her pain and gain at the same time.

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Fun Childhood creativity

мan waѕ creaтed wιтн a creaтιve aвιlιтy. we looѕe тнιѕ creaтιvιтy wнen we loѕт тoυcн wιтн тнe cнιld ιnѕιde yoυ. reмeмвer a wнole loтѕ oғ aвιlιтιeѕ we нad wнen we were ĸιdѕ. нow eaѕy тo learn any langυage or any ιnѕтrυмenт. тo вe aт вeѕт yoυ мυѕт мedιтaтe тo тнe poιnт ιn тιмe wнen yoυ can relaтe wιтн тнe cнιld ιnѕιde oғ yoυ..

мy arт worĸ

I was in love with drawing when I was a child but I didn’t end up pursing that passion as a profession. I never let it out for any one to appreciate it. So I stopped drawing and focused on other thing nevertheless I still appreciated the arts. I sat down with my HTC phone saw this note app that allowed me to draw and I took advantage of it just to bring to reality my childhood art for the world to see.

Never loose your creativity. Always keep in touch with the child inside of you. You will see that nothing becomes impossible any more. you will find happiness, love easily and will enjoy the simplicity of life. your creative power will increase only if you can look inward.

The writer continues…

I lost my self when I stopped communing with  my inner self…

when I stopped reflecting, when I stopped seeing deep, when I stopped thinking deep.

That is who I am a solution marker but ever since I became shallow, I lost control of my mind.

l lost control of my creativity and I became natural once more.

This is not me …

I cant feel my deep senses, it seems as if i am just existing, I cant survive this way…

I need to find my inner self

The  writer said.

He stopped for a while to meditate and after a deep breath with the coolness of the day he writes…

Conversation (part 1)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I have stayed for long under a covering I can’t explain. Now I feel open and naked left alone and deserted. The world is trying to consume me in its ideology and value system. I am being eaten up daily like cancer. Come to my rescue.

I pray for your mercy to keep me so I don’t be consumed by this road of destruction I have taken which is so enticing. Thy words have I hidden in my heart but then I do things contrary to your commandments, I find myself doing thing I don’t want to. A great force is at work in me, something that you did not plant Lord is at work in me. I pray for as many that are tired of this vanity, for many who cry daily like me to be set free, for many that feel empty and desires something better.

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