City of Gold 2

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City of Gold 2


The story continues…

Yet another vision i was caught in two days later. Now i am a full resident of the city of gold enjoying the life and glamor. After a while, something strange happened. My eyes were opened to see beyond the walls of the city i now dwell in . Outside of it, i saw my acquaintances, friends and family all covered with abject poverty behind the walls. All of them trying so heard to get into the city because what separated the two worlds was just a wall but all their struggle  was to no avail for without the key no one is allowed into the city. So i decided to throw over to them treasures from my domain thinking it will make them wealthy. Happily they grabbed it and left but coming back the next day a worst scene more than the first i saw. Nevertheless i continued with my good gesture giving them more treasures from my domain until i got weary of doing the same thing everyday. They always come back for more and all my effort to help them through such means was all futile. Then the Lord of the city spoke to me again saying “giving to the poor doesn’t make them any rich, show them the way into the city and be relieved from your weariness” . this i did immediately and everything changed for good.

  • This is the law of sustainability

Havers always have because they have enough to give as charity and some handful to sow a seed while lackers have not because they do not have to give nor to seed

This law is the fruit of the foundational law we discussed in the ‘city of gold’ first sequel. understanding this law is a prerequisite for sustainability in the kingdom of wealth.

God bless you. watch out for the next post on THE CITY OF GOLD.





Some months back I had a vision in which I was led to this luxurious city made of gold. Its wall well fenced over 12 feet tall, gloriously coated in gold. I was astounded because I have never seen such a magnificent structure before. My soul saturated with joy, I said to myself “finally my dreams have met their reality, if only i could get into the city“. to my amazement the city had no gates. How do i then solve this puzzle? how do i get into this glorious wealthy city?. I went round the city’s four corners only to find out there was no way into the city because it was all surrounded walls and no door to knock. as I walked round I was able to capture some activities going on within the the city , people laughing, communicating and obviously enjoying life. The city was life itself. I cried out but none of the inhabitants paid any attention to me, I was ignored as though I was not existing, left with poverty to play with while just across the walls I can hear the sound of a glorious life. I stood there mystified at the  wealth this city has within it confines. I tried everything I could to get within its borders but i couldn’t then a voice spoke out loud to me. “you need to do nothing to get in, for I am the city and I am the wealth  there in confess me as Lord and the walls will be opened”.  I immediately responded to THE CALL and behold the city gates opened wide open as i went through the walls. The citizens of the kingdom treated me as one of them , non accused me of breaking through the wall. Not far, I then realized that was the only key to the city. This was where the vision ended the first day but the sequel continued there after. Come along with me as I take you on a ride through this mysterious adventure and you will never remain the same.


The Lord of the city said ” you have all things , everything is yours. I did it all for you. I paid the price. It is finished.” this is the first and foundational Law- Jeah.