There is one gift every man is endowed with and that is TIME. The same 24 hours is allocated to every man, whatever you make do with that time in your hands will say a great deal of what will become of you in the nearest future. Yes it is true that some people were born with a silver spoon and that gives them privilege over the poor because they can easily afford those things that enhance or facilitate and maximize their use of time for profits. For instance they can afford the best of all things which comes with quality that can’t be compromised. They can afford to study abroad in the best schools. What that does, is just an advancement,which helps to maximize the use of their time. Coming back to the issue of time, you will come to realize that money is a reward for services, being render in a given time. You may use that time to be rendering service that will bring the reward of money or you may decide to use that time watching a movie, playing sports, sleeping or day dreaming. All these are not wrong in themselves,but the point here is that one should learn to make the use of his or her time wisely because everyone has only one 24hours a day to account for. Million dollars are being made in that same 24hour you have.
A good question you may want to ask is what happens if I give all my time working, will it bring wealth?.
The amount of time and hard work you put into doing some work may not be directly proportional to the earnings or result in an exponential earnings. Men most realise that though time is necessary yet they most learn the art of creating wealth if they will have to attain financial prosperity