“Love i feel within
Affection is what my soul is singing
Trust i let go without thinking
Stupid too blind to see
That heart ship is sinking
Stabbed within by the hand that promised protection
Mocked by the smile that once gave me attention
Bleed on the same rock that held memories of my affection
Mixed with passion
My heart is broken
Who can mend so that i can heal
Emergency room, doctors needed.”


God heals the heart and the body
yet he sets doctors and therapist to help us find a way.
We are a creative being, God gave us the ability to mend anything broken.

We as humans have managed to mend/fix a broken car, fix a broken stool, fix a broken finance and anything we can lay our hands on but what we fail most at is in mending ourselves.
God created us to be dependable because he has put the answers we seek deep within in the hands of people we are connected to in life.

Most times we find ourselves in a new path connected with new acquaintance, people who needs mending/healing and yet we are quick to judge them from their past and thereby breaking them further by our mere act of rejection shown. This is the point we fail in the healing process of that fellow because without acceptance and love the heart is shattered the more.

We have met people who had left us broken yet in men God has planned a solace for our brokenness, a place of mending , a place where love thrives, a place we will find God’s peace and true happiness.
We find ourselves in new relationships enjoying the euphoria of a new found happiness yet deep buried in out heart is a past of brokenness.
In true love healing flows freely. We must learn to realize that when in love we are vulnerable and it is not a time to take advantage of one another but a time to begin  the healing process.



Woke up this morning energetic and lively ready for the day. I am happy for the new day and the challenge ahead but sad i won’t have power supply for the day in this part of Nigeria. The supply of electricity is being rationed two days of power and one day off. Today happens to be that blackout day. If you don’t run on generators all day then you are doomed in darkness.
But thanks to my laptop which was fully charged over night and can hold about four hours of charge. I will work a little with and also use it as a power bank for my phone. This is my country.

daddy’s gal


every father loves his babi gal… no matter how old she becomes, she stil remains his babi gal…
someone loves her dearly…